Q: I only like cheeto-flavored cake and ketchup icing. Can I get a different cake flavor than the ones you have listed here?

A: Sorry! In order to keep our ordering process quick and easy and our prices low, we limit the flavors to what you see on the drop-downs. The good news is that the flavors we offer are all crowd-pleasers so you're sure to find a winner among them.


Q: What bakers do you work with?

A: All cakes and cupcakes are made locally with lots of love from talented bakers. They aren't wild about being known specifically for making exotic cakes (maybe their grandma would be scandalized?) which is why they like to work directly with us. Rest assured that what you see on our site is exactly what you'll get delivered. It'll taste great and you'll be supporting local small businesses.


Q: Where are these cakes and cupcakes baked?

A: Everything is made right here in the 5 boroughs of New York City! Nothing is being shipped cross country, they're handmade in the Big Apple just for you.


Q: Why can't I have a custom message of longer than 40 characters?

A: Unfortunately our cakes come in a set size. More than 40 characters for your message tends to look really smushed and we know you wouldn't be happy with the end result.


Q: I want to get the cake delivered to me at work. Will it be really obvious that this is a penis cake upon delivery?

A: Our delivery box looks just like any other normal bakery box. Sometimes we have a sticker on the top with our logo but if you strongly prefer to keep the sticker off, we're totally happy to do that. Just let us know in the additional comments section when you submit the order. We wouldn't want you to get in trouble with your HR department at work!


Q: I want the cake to be delivered to my house but I won't be there to receive it so please just leave it on my front stoop. My neighbors are super nice and I'm sure their dog won't want to snack on it. Will that work?

A: Nope. We need to give the cake to someone upon delivery - otherwise it may sit out too long, get stepped on or eaten by your neighbor's dog...which would in turn make you really sad that you didn't get the glorious penis cake or exotic cupcake that you expected. If you have a doorman we can certainly leave it with him/her, or just have it discreetly delivered to you at work (see above). You can refrigerate it up to 48 hours before serving.


Q: Will refrigerating ruin the taste of the cake?

A: No. All of our cakes and cupcakes can safely be refrigerated up to 48 hours without it damaging the taste. HOWEVER (and this is serious so pay attention), please make absolutely sure that you remove the cake from the fridge at least an hour or two before serving. It's key that the cake is at room temperature when eaten, otherwise it won't taste nearly as incredible.


Q: Can I have a cake delivered to Westchester? I swear, it's not far from Metro North so basically it's in the Bronx.

A: Sorry, we can only deliver to addresses within Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and The Bronx. Maybe another guest can take delivery of the cake or you could have it dropped off (in discreet packaging) to your office in the city instead? Let us know, we'll go to the ends of the boroughs to get you your penis cake!


Q: How much notice do you need to make the cakes?

A: Generally we need at least 1 business days notice. However, the sculpted cake requires 2 business days notice.